Skin Conductance / Galvanic Skin Response Sensor

The Skin Conductance sensor provides information about sweat gland activity with is closely correlated with sympathetic nervous system activity, arousal and stress.

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This skin conductance sensors requires Ag/AgCl skin conductance sensors (included) which are connected to the snap-on connectors. The electrodes are generally placed on the tip of the finger but can also be placed on the middle of the fingers, the palm of your hand or bottom of your deet. The absolute reacon of the sensor will, however, be at its highest at the finger tips.


The sensor measures sweat gland activity which is a sensitive indictor of arousal. Skin conductance is measured in micro-siemens or Ohms and increases when the the arousal level increases. During relaxation, the skin conductance level normally decreases and is therefore particularly useful as an indicator of stress.


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