Vilistus V-BAND neurofeedback headband

Vilistus V-BAND neurofeedback headband

Don't get stuck with conductive gel, use the V-BAND for neurofeedback

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Created for us by leading UK-based fashion designer Frida Hoffman, the Vilistus V-BAND neurofeedback headband is simple to use as well as stylish and comfortable to wear.

The two-channel V-BAND kit contains:

  • The Vilistus V-BANDTwo full-size overhead straps
  • Five custom-made electrode "pucks" and twenty electrode sponges
  • Five Gold-plated Vilistus electrodes
  • Five positioning markers

delivering a solution to the age old "gel and paste" electrodes that are messy to use and meet with resistance from clients.

The Vilistus V-BAND uses a simple saline solution and the electrodes are kept snugly in place using the sponges and electrode "pucks" attached via Velcro to the V-BAND. 

You have the freedom to create any montage you need and, when you're done, just clean the pouches with tap-water and you're ready to go again.

The V-BAND has been designed to be used with the Vilistus neurofeedback system (although it's flexible enough to be used with ANY neurofeedback hardware that uses tin, gold or Ag/AgCl electrodes) and you can choose to use whatever electrode type is appropriate for your needs.

The Vilistus gold plated electrodes, though, have been especially designed to work with the Vilistus V-BAND and provide an excellent signal quality at low cost.

Let's face it, you know, as an experienced neurofeedback practitioner or home-user, that there's nothing more frustrating in neurofeedback that trying to get - and keep - a good connection to the scalp.

A good signal can be ruined by a bad connection, the client moving or a sensor wire snagging - you also have to face resistance to using conductive paste.It's also common to have to resort to using sports headbands or a scarf.

The Vilistus V-BAND does away with all of this; a simple saline solution and a headband that gives an excellent connection using a simple salt solution.Finally, there's a way of experiencing the benefits of neurofeedback without the hook-up hassle!


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