Mind Mirror practitioners edition

The time-proven aid to meditation and mind expansion. 

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1 x Ten20 Electrode Paste

Our 4oz (114gm) tubes of Ten20 contain the right balance of adhesiveness and conductivity, enabling electrodes to remain in place while allowing the transmittance of electrical signals.

It's the paste used by expert technicians worldwide who rely on its adhesiveness and conductivity.

1 x NuPrep Skin Preparation Gel

Supplied in 4oz (114g) tubes, Nuprep Skin Preparation Gel lowers impedance to improve your results. Its mild abrasive formula improves conductivity and helps achieve maximum efficiency.

1 x Reusable EEG Electrodes

Hard Plastic Ringtrode Electrode for EEG and sEMG; supplied in packs of 10

1 x Vilistus-4

Four Channel Multi-Modal battery powered (2 x AA) Digital Sampling Unit with multiple connectivity options (USB, Blueooth and WiFi) and supplied with the Vilistus/Pro software and software API.

1 x Skin Conductance / Galvanic Skin Response Sensor

The Skin Conductance sensor provides information about sweat gland activity with is closely correlated with sympathetic nervous system activity, arousal and stress.

1 x Blood Volume Pulse (ear/fingerclip) Sensor

Measure heart and train for Heart Rate Variability with this easy-to-use sensor.

1 x The Mind Mirror Software

The Mind Mirror® Software by Vilistus 

x Dual Channel bi-polar EEG Sensor with integrated ground reference

Dual Channel EEG sensor with integrated ground line. This sensor gives you two channels of EEG but only uses a single port on a Vilistus-4 Digital Sampling unit.

1 x Carry Case for Vilistus

Keep your Vilistus safe with this stylish carry case!

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"Vilistus has created an incredibly versatile and highly affordable Mind Mirror that positions awakened mind brainwave training at the forefront of global mind research and ensures the future of this pioneering work" 

-- Judith Pennington, founder of the Instute of the Awakened Mind


For over forty years, the Mind Mirror has been the way to achieve deep profound meditation, creative flow, and peak performance with the result of higher intelligence and greater health and happiness.


Now the revolutionary, state-of-the-art Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 combines the dynamic and affordable Vilistus EEG system with the most advanced Mind Mirror program yet. Engineered by Vilistus, the Mind Mirror 6 is a highly versatile brainwave training and research tool that enables awakened mind practitioners, mind explorers, neurofeedback therapists, and professional researchers to train the meditation, awakened mind and evolved mind brainwave patterns identified by brainwave meditation pioneers C. Maxwell Cade and his successor Anna Wise. In recent years, certified consciousness trainers affiliated with the Institute for the Awakened Mind have used the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 to identify new brainwave patterns involving the gamma frequencies of whole-brain synchrony and integration.


The Mind Mirror software offers sophisticated features and advanced user controls including:

  • The classic 0.5-44Hz Mind Mirror screen with three colour choices
  • An optional screen with two additional gamma bands measuring up to 64Hz
  • An easy-to-use self-training program with variable challenge levels
  • Easily adjustable microvoltage readings, five refresh rates, three pattern display options, keystroke commands, event markers, and frame-by-frame replay
  • A summary brainwave pattern and statistical chart for quick session analysis and record-keeping
  • A wide array of data analysis windows with readily available session statistics
  • The ability to monitor up to four people simultaneously.

Visit the Mind Mirror page of or to see graphic displays of the above features, user  controls and data analysis tools.

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