Blood Volume Pulse (ear/fingerclip) Sensor

Measure heart and train for Heart Rate Variability with this easy-to-use sensor.

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The blood volume pulse sensor measures relative blood flow, using optical electronics that measure near infrared light.

The blood volume pulse (BVP) sensor can be placed on the earlobe or finger. The signal from the sensor is used to calculate heart rate and the relative expansion of the blood vessels. As a result of each heartbeat, blood flows through the arteries and blood vessels. At the peak of the blood flow, the BVP signal peaks as well. The distance between the two peaks can be used to obtain the absolute heart rate, which is useful in HRV training.

The height or amplitude indicates the relative blood flow which correlates with the level of vasodilatation/vasoconstriction  and which can be used for biofeedback training.

An alternative for heart rate is the ECG sensor  We find, though, that the BVP sensor is usually sufficient and has the advantage of being more user friendly (more efficient and more comfortable).

Note: the BVP sensor is sensitive to movement artifact. Therefore the patient/subject should sit still and comfortably. If you want to determine heart rate during movement, we recommend using the ECG cable.


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