Procyon AVS Systems Light and Sound Meditation

Delivering stunning, intense inner experience, The Procyon sets your mind alight in a dance of enlightening enjoyment. It's like having your own strobing light show playing in your head!

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The world's coolest Mind Tool.

  • Create Millions of Colours including pastels, with the Procyon Visual Effects Engine
  • 255 shades of each colour (Red, Green and Blue)
  • Multiple visual effects (colour phase shift, pulse width modulations etc.) enable complex light show-like sessions
  • Multiple Colour waveforms (sine, pulse and triangle)
  • Variable phase control of light waveforms including real-time phase shifting
  • Coloured Ganzfeld option - create non-flickering fields of light which shift in hue an brightness
  • Hybrid ganzfeld/flicker capability (i.e. variable brightness rather than on/off)
  • Digital Audio Interface for clear, clean, audio
  • USB Port
  • Free software editor for Windows PC's
  • Portable Stylish design
  • Hours or battery life or power from USB
  • 1 year limited warranty

The Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is the next evolution in Brain State Training and meditation technology. More than just a mind machine, the Procyon uses the most advanced visual effects engine to deliver millions of jewl-like coloutrs to set your mind alight as mandalas and fractal like images flow by.

Add your own CD-quality digital soundtrack from home stereos, computers, mp3 platers or smartphone and your have the perfect psychedlic symphony for a fantastical jounrey to the deepest reaches of your mind. Or, use the highst fidelity wave synchronisation pulses available on any brainwave machine to generate isochronic tones and binaural beats in perfect sync. with the visuals. You can even mix the external and internal sounds for added effectivencess.


Powerful, FREE software and an easy-to-use USB interface allow the creation of personalised sessions for unlimited expansion and endless variety. 


The Procyon is packed with plenty of content to get you started and keep you going for years. Fifty specially crafted sessions showcase the vast capabiliies of the system and build upon scientific studies to deliver tracks that entertain and sync. your consciousness to the highest levels of human awareness.


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